About Us

Our Vision

Our passion for art is reflected in every piece.

Custom Stone Consignments

Bring your vision to life with a one-of-a-kind piece crafted by our skilled artists.

Collective Collaborations

Explore the unique styles and perspectives of our talented artists through our curated group exhibitions.

Carving Classes

Learn the art of stone carving from the experts and unlock your creative potential.

Soapstone rattlesnake
Who We Are

A renowned gallery with a rich history.

As a passionate art lover and curator, I have dedicated my life to promoting and showcasing the beauty of art through my esteemed gallery, Fik Fine Art.
Our Skills

Meet our main skills

Our gallery excels in showcasing exquisite and rare stone from around the world, as well as collaborating
with talented artists to create unique pieces. We also offer carving classes for those looking to develop their skills
in the art of stone carving.

Stone Sculptures
Collaborations with Artists
Stone Carving Classes
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